Brett Cox phase three training

Client Spotlight: Brett Cox

I want to talk a little bit about some success with holistic health. Today I am writing about a client of mine Brett Cox who first came to me with impingement in his left shoulder that gave pain during swimming, some back pain that occasionally referred down the right side of his leg & two knee reconstruction that were giving him major imbalances through the rest of his body. This was all about six months ago.

We started with an assessment that told me a whole heap about the relationship of all the problems he is having. There were sling system issues, postural imbalances that needed to be addressed & core dysfunctions that prevented everything from working right.

By getting to the core ( quiet literally ) we were able to build on a foundation of core strength & not just look at the problems. We had to delve into the right foods to make sure the tummy was working right. Once this was addressed a phase one training plan enabled Brett to exercise the right muscles to put him in a better postural position.

Continually working on these imbalances put Brett’s spine in a straighter position. Therefore the slave joints ( shoulders & knees ) were too, in a better overall position.

Over the months & through each phase of training we started to build into sports specific training for Brett’s swimming & riding. Seeing times drop & complaints of other riders in Bretts group due to his increased strength has been something great to see for myself.

This video is of a phase three exercise that we have been working on.

Enjoy :)