sport injury or pain
  • Assessment

    The first step is setting up a thorough assessment. Within this we break down the body as a whole, looking at any stress on the body from a musculoskeletal point of view. We test comparative range of motion, look at what muscles that are working & what are not. At Taylor Made Coaching we also know that assessing a client’s posture gives us a better understanding of the bodies framework. This assessment ensures we don’t go into working with the body blind.

    Combined with an assessment I have all clients fill out a series of nutritional & lifestyle information.

  • Personalised Program

    With this information gathered, a few days are spent writing the client’s program. We look at the individual’s requirements for stretching, mobilising, strengthening, breathing, sleep and more. This is where clients learn about their own body. Each person is very different & all programs are personalised for the individual.

  • Structure

    We work on how often a client can dedicate time to one on one sessions (minimum of once a week). Clients are expected to follow individualised programs to the tee, as these are the tools to the client’s progress.