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TMC: The Big Picture

This is the first blog post for TMC. I want anyone reading this to get to know the man behind the keyboard a little better through this first post. Why I started my business, what my core values are, what I dream to do & the direction I wish to move in enhancing peoples knowledge, health & happiness. The big picture.

At the start it was all about sport, competitiveness, winning & training as hard as my body ( & mind ) would let me. I gained experience in what it was like as a professional athlete, devoting everything I had to a sport, but personally giving little regard to my body. Going through an injury process many times over & being frustrated with myself. It all started to drift away from a core value of mine that was deep seeded; health.

A key turning point for me a few years back was when I was competing in a World Cup Race in Sumatra, Indonesia. With preparation at its finest & training the best I had been before. I went into the race with confidence.

During the swim leg of the race I was leading toward the transition area, exiting the first stage in first place. Whilst taking off my goggles & making quick pace towards my bike, I missed a step just out of the water, landing on the lateral side of my left foot. Adrenaline was high & I continued onto the bike knowing something was not right, but ignoring the body to push on.

Come to the end of the bike leg with a small group in the lead I had no idea what to expect from the foot of mine that, by this stage, was completely inflamed, but feeling alright. That first step was a different story, having to stop the race & doing further damage to what turned out to be my 4th & 5th metatarsals completely snapping during those first few steps out of the water.

Making the trip home to the couch, where I would be spending the majority of my time for the next few weeks, I was obviously bummed. Asking myself the question, ‘Why me?’ ‘Why now?’

It was hard at that point in time, and it hasn’t been until now that I can confidently answer that question. It took a broken foot for me to wake up & ‘listen to my body’.

The study began, I wanted to know my body, know where injuries came from, what I was lacking in food & hydration, how my thoughts affected my health. I had this need to understand Holistic Health better!

I contacted a long time friend & guru, Jan ‘Kiki’ Carton. The timing was right & I started my first trainee ship with Jan under CHEK Australia. I was in my element, learning about muscle imbalances, poor posture & its link to injury, food & its link to sickness as well as our mind & the choices we make.

What I found most important, is that the body works as a whole. Addressing problem areas from an isolated point of view doesn’t get to the core of it.

Thats why today I coach from a holistic point of view using my knowledge & experiences to help others become happy & healthy.

If I can help others better understand their own bodies & give them the tools they need to increase strength, get out of pain, swim faster, surf stronger, be happier, run longer than ever before – well, then I too am living my core value.

The more I learn the more inspired I am, so continue to check this space as I walk my talk ;)

Thanks for reading & welcome to Taylor Made Coaching.

– Taylor Cecil

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  1. Yulu mcgrady
    Yulu mcgrady says:

    Great introduction Taylor, awesome insight into the highs and lows of professional sport, look forward to learning and being inspired from your blogs.



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