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I have been doing some writing on specific topics but found this one essential.

Are you balancing your seesaw is the primary question??

What do I mean by this? On one end of your seesaw you have whats called working out, meaning using energy or yang. On the other side of that spectrum you have whats called working in, building energy or yin. When this seesaw is in balance, its whats called homeostasis. (All functions of our body are in working order, happy & healthy)

What are some things that are classified as work out & work in?

Working out is huge in our current society, and I don’t just mean exercise. Stress is on the workout side and is one of the biggest reasons our bodies don’t have this balance we’re after (homeostasis). We are constantly in a fight or flight state in our busy lives. But we must ask ourselves, ‘Am I really being chased by a lion and is this stress necessary in the grand scheme of things’? Most likely not!

What you eat either gives you energy, or requires your energy to break it down. If you are eating healthy nutritious food from an organic source (that is right for your metabolic type) you are ‘working in’ by giving yourself more energy from that source of food.

On the other hand if you are not eating nutritious food i.e something processed or packed with chemicals, your body actually needs to heat up (use energy) to eliminate that foreign chemical. Leaving you in whats called an energy deficit. Picture a fuel tank that is half full; eating something processed requires the body to use energy to break it down. In many cases the energy required to break down this food is actually more energy than the food contains. Your fuel tank now has LESS fuel in it than before. As our bodies are engines, we need to fill them with premium food to ensure optimum function. Good food = working in.
So what’s the easiest way to implement more work in? Sleep. It’s the cheapest and most simple form of working in. Your sleep enables your body to drop into whats called a para-sympathetic state. In a para-sympathetic state your body is digesting, promoting immune function and repairing and growing every cell in the body. During this time repairs take place not only physically but psychologically.

This graph from Paul Chek’s book ‘How to eat, move and be healthy!’ Shows physical repair & psychological repair having different stages in our sleep cycle. Physical repair happens from 10pm-2am & psychological repair occurs from 2am-Sunrise. If you are training hard or you’re in a psychologically demanding job, these specific hours of sleep are crucial. Screen-Shot-2014-11-23-at-7.52.28-PM
I have been down the road of constant Yang. It lead me to adrenal and chronic fatigue as well as six months of lying in bed. Now, every single day I spend time on my Yin and I am happier, healthier, more energetic and fulfilled than ever before.

Practice your balance, its the key to your health & longevity!


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  1. Louise Griffiths
    Louise Griffiths says:

    Great article Taylor! It’s wonderful to be reminded how incredible the human body is and what we can achieve when we look after ourselves. Looking forward to reading more great insights from TMC!

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