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Sport Specific

Taylor Made Coaching offers sports specific training for those who wish to excel in a specific sport.

Having worked with professionals over a wide range of disciplines, TMC is well equipped with the knowledge required to tailor specific programs for your sport and your body.

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lifestyle coaching gold coast

Lifestyle Coach

You don’t have to have an injury or want to compete in sport to reap the benefits of TMC.

The lifestyle coaching side of TMC aims to help individuals increase vitality & decrease stress. Individualized programs aim to improve the clients diet, movement, happiness & sense of self.

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sport injuries and pain gold coast

Injury & Pain

Taylor Made Coaching provides end stage rehabilitation programs, targeting health on a holistic level to manage injuries or pain.

After a full body assessment, a personal program will be created to target not just the specific injury or pain, but every aspect of the client’s health.

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Alana Blanchard

“Thanks to Taylor I finally don’t have pain in my knee. It took me a long time to find someone that could help and as soon as I started training with Taylor I could feel a difference. It’s really cool how Taylor works with each individual on what they need to better themselves and the approach he takes makes you feel like your bettering yourself everytime you train with him. I feel like I’m surfing better and stronger then ever.”

Alana BlanchardProfessional Surfervisit website
Rick Stapleton

“Taylor has been my swim coach and CHEK trained professional for over two years. I consider his training methods and guidance to be a large part of my recovery from back surgery and return to high level training. Taylor blends his experience of being a former world class triathlete, his love of the water and a spiritual approach to life into a passion to help people be there best physically and mentally. If you are serious about your health as I am, then an investment in Taylor Made Coaching is paramount to you achieving your life goals.”

Rick Stapleton


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