We’ll tailor a specific program for your sport, and your body.

sport specific training

Sport Specific Training

Taylor Made Coaching offers sports specific training for those who wish to excel in a specific sport. Having worked with professionals over a wide range of disciplines including surfing, golf & triathlon to name a few, TMC is well equipped with the knowledge required to tailor specific programs for your sport and your body.

Taylor Made Coaching relies heavily on Mind-Body Exercises which work to create new pathways in the brain. Therefore strengthening muscle groups that may be unused yet crucial to the desired increased performance.

“Your dreams are a snapshot of your future.”

– Albert Einstein

Brett Cox

“Since beginning one on one training with Taylor you come to realize that training is not the same plan for everyone. After being assessed and given a personalize plan it is easy to see and feel your weakness’s  and your strengths. Working on weak areas, stretching, breathing and other techniques  with specific guidance from Taylor has helped me correct poor posture, relieve pain, increase strength and boost general well-being.

If you are committed to improving at any level I’m sure Taylor will be able to help you achieve your goals.

I recommend it.”

Brett Cox